STO LAT” – A Concert for Poland’s Centenary


On Sunday the 11th November 2018 Poland celebrates 100 years of its return to the Map of Europe. Otherwise known as Poland’s Independence Day, this date marks a point in history when, in 1918, Marshal Józef Piłsudski was able to grasp and secure a free Poland from the turmoil which existed in Europe at the ending of the First World War. Prior to this date and for 123 years, Poland existed only in the hearts and minds of Poles living under the domination of its partitioning neighbours – Russia, Prussia and Austria.

To celebrate this most important of Polish Jubilees, The Relief Society for Poles Trust – the successor of the Polish Red Cross in London, is organising a unique concert at the Royal Albert Hall on the evening of the 11th November 2018, with all profits going to Polish charities. The programme will be a musical experience through some of the most poignant and well known Polish songs and music of this Centenary period.

The concert will feature some of Poland’s finest artists – Edyta Górniak, Ania Jeruc, Anna Maria Jopek, Aleksandra Kurzak, Anna Wyszkoni, Kuba Badach, Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka, Lombard, Leszek Możdżer, Marek Ruszczyński, Stanislaw Soyka and Tadeusz Woźniak.

There will be music by Chopin, Paderewski and Górecki. Richard Addinsell’s sublime “Warsaw Concerto” will be played by the pianist John Paul Ekins. Songs from the “Solidarity “era, as well as exceptional contemporary songs, will also be featured.

The Silesian Polytechnic Choir, Ave Verum Choir, Schola Cantorum choir and the St. John Paul II choir will collaborate on the night to collectively sing a medley of patriotic songs – including the iconic “Red Poppies on Monte Cassino”.

The Mazury Dance Company will delight the audience with a uniquely choreographed performance of traditional Polish Folklore dance. Choirs representing Polish Saturday Schools and the Scouting Movement will also contribute their youthful accent to the evening’s celebration.

The London Gala Orchestra will be directed by the renowned conductor Stephen Ellery.

Hosts for this once in a life-time evening, will be Kasia Madera and Grazyna Torbicka.

The income from the concert will be donated to Polish charities.



Royal Albert Hall, London

11th November 2018, 6.30pm

sold out



Registered Charity no. 327128


  • Marlena Anderson
  • Ewa Butryn
  • Adriana Chodakowska
  • Magdalena Grzymkowska
  • Damian Lawer
  • Danuta Michalska
  • Janusz Sikora-Sikorski (Chairman)
  • Monika Tkaczyk


  • Karolina Kaczorowska – Widow of the last President of the Polish Government in Exile
  • Bishop Wiesław Lechowicz – Representative of the Polish Episcopate to Poles Abroad
  • Msgr. Stefan Wylężek – Rector of the Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales
  • Anna Maria Anders – Polish Senator, Secretary of State and Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for International Dialogue
  • Arkady Rzegocki – Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Court of St. James’s
  • Lady Rose Cholmondeley – Chair of the Chopin Society
  • Mary Craig – Author, written books on St. John Paul II, Lech Walesa and the Dalai Lama
  • Irena Delmar-Czarnecka – Chair, Polish Actors Association Abroad, ZASP
  • Basia Kaczmarowska Hamilton – Portrait Painter
  • Major Otton Hulacki – Chair, The Friends of Polish Veterans Association
  • Bożena Laskiewicz – Chair, Medical Aid for Poland Fund
  • Czesław Maryszczak – Chair, Foundation of the Polish Ex-Combatants in GB
  • Joanna Młudzińska – Chair, Polish Social and Cultural Association, POSK
  • Krystyna Olliffe – Chair, Polish Educational Society
  • Aleksandra Podhorodecka MBE – Chair, Polish Cultural Foundation
  • Lady Blanka Rosenstiel – Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland (Miami)
  • Robert Rospędzihowski – Chair, Polish Scouting Association
  • Marzena Schejbal – former Chair of the Polish Home Army in London,
  • Leszek Sobocki – artist, painter, essayist, poet, founder of the WPROST group
  • Mieczysław Stachiewicz – Honorary President, Piłsudski Institute of London
  • Marek Stella-Sawicki MBE – Chair, Polish Heritage Society in the UK
  • Tadeusz Stenzel – Chair, Federation of Poles in Great Britain
  • Andrzej Suchcitz – Chair, The Polonia Aid Foundation Trust
  • Krzysztof Zanussi – Polish film and theatre director, producer and screenwriter


  • The Relief Society For Poles Trust
  • Polonia Aid Foundation Trust PAFT
  • Polish Ex-Combatants’ Association in Great Britain Trust Fund
  • The Roman and Natalii Guminski Foundation
  • Polish Catholic Mission through MB Grabowski Fund
  • De Brzezie Lanckoronski Foundation
  • The Wanda and Janusz Prawdzic-Szlaski Trust
  • Marek Rencki
  • Grażyna and Janusz Sikora-Sikorski
  • Urszula Święcicka
  • Iza Trębicka
  • Renata and Karol Jonscher
  • Krystyna Muraszko



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